Argan Oil for Psoriasis

Argan Oil and Psoriasis

Argan Oil and Psoriasis

Psoriasis is painful, uncomfortable and millions of people worldwide suffer with this unsightly and embarrassing skin condition. When you visit the doctor you’ll find that there are many chemical creams on the market to control Psoriasis. Good nutrition and learning to relax and lead a balanced lifestyle is also important in not causing unnecessary stress.

The Source

Hundreds of years ago Moroccan Berbers discovered that when they squeezed the fruit of the Argan tree the fruit being a nut. They found that the oil extracted from the fruit, actually protected their skin and hair from the very harsh semi-desert climate of south west Morocco, where the Argan Tree is grown.

Firstly it was used as a moisturiser for the skin. Then the Berbers who value water highly, realised that they could also use Argan Oil as a cleanser. We in the west have now discovered the benefits of using Argan Oil in our daily lives and it is one of the most miraculous products when it comes to eliminating Psoriasis.


Argan Oil soothes the affected skin and acts as a shield and a balm. Reducing inflammation and scarring. It solves the problem of the silvery patches that Psoriasis can cause. It eases the joint pain too when applied topically to the skin. All over Europe; from Great Britain to Scandinavia to France, Italy, Greece and Germany, people are singing its praises. The feedback from the USA for Argan Oil is phenomenal, so much so that it is now rated the number one oil topping the popularity poll and in demand from state to state, Americans call it the ‘one-stop’ moisturiser.


Argan Oil is additive and chemical free. It contains anti-oxidants and does benefit the skin in a way no other product can. 100% pure oil which is the product of Mother Nature is very reassuring when you think that it only has one ingredient. We believe that its pureness is what makes it so beneficial.

Argan Oil Moisturiser

Argan Oil Moisturiser

Effective Moisturiser

When you put into context how much you pay these days at the chemist or for over the counter products in huge department stores for relief from Psoriasis, Argan Oil is cheaper. A few drops on the affected area are all you need and for stubborn areas a topical application, massaged into the skin two or three times daily is often enough. Experts agree that this oil is remarkable in its ability to heal and give relief to Psoriasis sufferers.

You may wonder why I’ve gone to all this trouble to outline the benefits of Pure Argan Oil the miracle Moroccan Oil, well I too suffer with Psoriasis and I have tried everything under the sun, don’t get me wrong my doctor did manage to prescribe some decent remedies. But since I have tried this Moroccan Oil and it is the number one moisturiser for me. My skin feels, soft and smooth not dry and sore anymore. At first I used it up to four times a day but now I need only apply morning and night to achieve the result that I want, which is problem free skin.